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HVAC Maintenance Plans Offer Year-Round Peace of Mind

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HVAC Maintenance Plans are a necessity for keeping things running smoothly. Similar to other appliances, air conditioners and furnaces need maintenance and regular cleanings to keep them running properly. Failure to service these heating and cooling units can lead to future problems – including not cooling or heating properly; the comfort system turning off unexpectedly; and the need for replacement parts.

Check below to see the safety and financial benefits of regular service for your furnace or air conditioning units. Don’t find yourself without cool air or heat during the winter when you need it most.

Contact Kirkwood Heating and Cooling to setup a HVAC maintenance plan and be prepared all year long!

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Financial Savings - Efficient HVAC

Regular maintenance to your furnace or AC unit saves on monthly utility bills, as well as reducing the amount of heating and cooling service calls you may have to make. A poorly running air conditioner or home heater uses more energy and the internal parts have to work harder to output cool or warm air – resulting in the HVAC parts wearing down.

Performing regular maintenance to your comfort system also extends the lifespan of your installed comfort system.

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Safety Issues

Performing regular maintenance also reduces the amount of debris, including dust particles, bacteria and buildup, inside your heating and cooling unit.

If debris is left inside of your furnace or air conditioning unit, the buildup leads to clogs and the expelling of hazardous air – including carbon monoxide, throughout your home or office. A buildup of debris can also lead to the comfort systems breaking down unexpectedly.


By requesting/scheduling regular maintenance on your air conditioner or furnace annually, you don’t have to deal with being without their usage when you need them most.

You also don’t have to waste time searching for a repair service and waiting for a technician to arrive – especially when Dayton weather changes so quickly and unexpectedly.

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Prevent of Future Furnace or Air Conditioning Issues

Regular HVAC maintenance informs you of any problems that may be on the horizon– including heating or cooling components that are beginning to fail, the amount of coolant in your air conditioning unit or the condition of your furnace’s internal parts.

With Kirkwood Heating and Cooling maintenance professionals performing this service, you will receive a full report on the condition of your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump – along with a description of which repairs fall under our HVAC service programs.